What questions would you ask draft prospects?

Wednesday’s admission from Eagles coach Nick Sirianni regarding the playing of rock, paper, scissors with draft prospects inspired, eventually the topic for Thursday’s PFT Live draft.

Simms and I ping-ponged on the question of the questions we’d pose to draft prospects.

Simms’ questions were more football-specific. Mine were more relevant to strategies for getting to know the person a little better.

And we kicked it off by sharing the tweet from former Raiders president Amy Trask, who said that a Raiders scout once declared (proudly) that he’d asked a prospect, “If you were a vegetable, what kind of vegetable would you be?” As Amy Trask put it, “I just stared at him and added in my head the cost to us of sending him to the Combine.”

Check out the video, in which Simms and I also answer the question of what vegetables we’d be.

Simms, in my estimation, would be a potato. His head already looks like one.