Tom Brady warns that new jersey rule will “make for a lot of bad football”

The Chiefs wanted to revolutionize the universe of jersey numbers available to players. The quarterback who beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV doesn’t like that very much.

“Good luck trying to block the right people now!” Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady posted on Instagram. “[G]oing to make for a lot of bad football.”

It possibly could make for some bad offensive football, since quarterbacks won’t know (for example) if the guy who’s wearing No. 25 and who seems to be ready to blitz is a linebacker or a defensive back. And for the center, figuring out whether the guy playing middle linebacker is the middle linebacker or a safety will become more complicated.

Still, it doesn’t seem like a major problem. Through preparation and film study, quarterbacks and offensive linemen will know which number belongs to which player. When you’re getting ready to face a given defense, don’t you already know that?

So, basically, Tom wants us to get off his lawn.